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Sleep medicine course

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The 2-year Sleep School organized jointly by the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, in co-operation with Nordic experts, will provide overview and practical tools for phycisians, nurses, psychologists and researchers in the field of sleep medicine and sleep research. CME credits will be applied from the Universities of Helsinki and Turku.

The course combines high quality expertises in sleep research (Sleepwell research program at Helsinki
University Medical Faculty) and clinical sleep medicine (Sleep and Breathing Centre at the Turku University Hospital). The teachers are internationally recognized experts on their respective fields, and
experienced educatiors.The curriculum has been created and evaluated in reference with the recommendations of the EACCME.

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Curriculum Spring Term 2022

January 12
9. Classification and epidemiology of sleep disorders. Markku Partinen
10. Clinical interview and examination of different sleep disorders. Juha Markkula, Salla Lamusuo and Ulla Anttalainen

February 9
11. Polysomnography, cardiorespiratory polygraphy, MSLT, MWT, actigraphy, and OSLER test. Anniina Norrkniivilä
12. Fundamentals of clinical neuropsychopharmacology of sleep and wake, and effects of medications used in treatment of conditions other than sleep disorders, on sleep. Jarmo Hietala

March 9
13. Insomnia disorder 1: Insomnia disorder from the point of primary health care. Elina Bergman and Juha Markkula.
14. Insomnia disorder 2: Mechanisms and non-pharmacological treatment of insomnia disorder. Heli Järnefelt and Juha Markkula

April 13
15. Insomnia disorder 3: Insomnia disorder from the point of tertiary health care: Overlap of insomnia disorder, sleep apnoea, restless legs syndrome and other sleep disorders. Juha Markkula, Salla Lamusuo, Tarja Saaresranta
16. Insomnia disorder 4: Pharmacological treatment of insomnia disorder and other sleep disorders. Esa Korpi

May 11
17. Case based teaching of sleep recordings in SDB. Ludger Grote
18. Treatment of obstructive and central sleep apnoea syndrome. Tarja Saaresranta

Tyks Uni- ja hengityskeskus, keuhkosairausoppi ja kliininen allergologia, Turun yliopisto
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