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Sleep Medicine Course


The 2½-year Sleep Medicine Course is organized jointly by the Universities of Helsinki (Sleepwell research program at Helsinki University Medical Faculty) and Turku (Sleep and Breathing Centre at the Turku University Hospital), in collaboration with all Nordic Sleep Research Societies. CME credits will be applied from the University of Turku but are valid in other Finnish Universities, and according to local regulations also in other countries. The course will provide overview and practical tools for physicians, nurses, psychologists working in fields where patients have sleep problems, as well as students and researchers of sleep medicine and sleep research. The course combines high quality expertises in sleep research and clinical sleep medicine. The curriculum has been created and evaluated in reference with the recommendations of the EACCME.

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Curriculum Spring Term 2024

Methodology in sleep medicine

Jan 10
Assoc. Prof. Morten Engstrøm: Measuring sleep in humans: PSG, actigraphy, and beyond, Part I
PhD Hanne Siri A Heglum: Measuring sleep in humans: PSG, actigraphy, and beyond, Part I

Feb 7
Prof. Poul Jennum: Polygraphic sleep evaluation in the pathological sleep: neurodegenerative disorders, states of conciousness and epilepsies
PhD Andreas Brink-Kjær: Advanced analysis of sleep signals. Quantitative techniques and machine learning methods

Sleep-disordered breathing

March 20
Assoc. Prof. Harald Hrubos-Strøm: Epidemiology, pathophysiology and definitions of obstructive and central sleep apnoea
MD Marja Palomäki: Comorbidity of obstructive sleep apnoea

April 17
Prof. Ludger Grote: Case based teaching of sleep recordings in SDB
Assoc. Prof. Jenny Theorell-Haglöw: Management of obstructive and central sleep apnoea syndrome

May 15
MD, PhD Andreas Palm: Treatment of nocturnal respiratory failure in different diseases
DDS, PhD Marie Marklund: Sleep and the role of dentistry

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