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Sleep medicine course

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The impact of sleep disorders on risk of comorbidities, work ability and well-being has been recognized during this century. Sleep-related disorders challenge health care systems both in primary and tertiary health care. However, structured and comprehensive education of sleep medicine in Finland is lacking.
The 2-year Sleep School organized jointly by the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, in co-operation with Nordic experts, will provide overview and practical tools for phycisians, nurses, psychologists and researchers in the field of sleep medicine and sleep research. CME credits will be applied from the Universities of Helsinki and Turku.

The course combines high quality expertises in sleep research (Sleepwell research program at Helsinki University Medical Faculty) and clinical sleep medicine (Sleep and Breathing Centre at the Turku University Hospital). The teachers are internationally recognized experts on their respective fields, and most of them have collaborated in previous research and educational projects. Most teachers have extensive experience in teaching, university pedagogic and planning of sleep education. The curriculum has been created and evaluated in reference with the recommendations of the EACCME.

Aims of the course: The course “Sleep medicine” will provide the participants overview on sleep medicine and practical tools for professionals and students in the field. After the course the participants will be familiar with humans’ sleep structure and sleep need, their development in the course of life span, differences in sleep between sexes, circadian and homeostatic regulation of sleep, prevalence and symptoms of sleep disorders and sleep-related medical conditions as well as main components of their diagnostics and treatments.

Target audience: Medical doctors, nurses, psychologists and other health care professionals working in fields where patients have sleep problems, as well as students and researchers of these fields.

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Curriculum autumn term 2021

September 15
1. Neurophysiology and neurobiology of sleep. Adj. prof. Tarja Stenberg
2. Circadian rhythms. Adj. prof. Tarja Stenberg

October 20
3. Control of sleep and wakefulness. Adj. prof. Tarja Stenberg
4. Theories on the function of sleep; Sleep, learning and memory. PhD Henna-Kaisa Wigren

November 10
5. Effects of sleep and acute and chronic sleep deprivation on bodily functions. Prof. Anu-Katriina
6. Genetics of sleep. Prof. Tiina Paunio

December 8
7. Sleep across the life span. MD, PhD Outi Saarenpää-Heikkilä and adj. prof. Anna-Sofia Urrila
8. Role of sleep as co-morbidity in different pathologies. MD, PhD Salla Lamusuo

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