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Working Hours and Health

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Shift work and demanding working hours are related to a wide range of public health problems ranging from disturbed sleep and accidents to chronic health problems and challenges in work-life balance. Knowledge on the health aspects of shift work has increased rapidly during the last few year, also due to new data from the Nordic countries. Information on actions to alleviate the health consequences of demanding working hours are timely. Flexible working hour models in expert work have become more common and raise new questions and solutions for prevention. This course will discuss current issues related to working hours, future research and prevention methods.

Tilaisuuden ohjelma

Monday, 16.05.2022
10.00–10.15 Course registration
10.15–10.30 NIVA welcome and general information, Linda Oksanen, NIVA
10.30–11.15 Introductions, Scope and purpose of the course, Learning objectives, Mikko Härmä, FIOH
11.15–12.00 Unsocial working hours and shift work: identification and exposure characterization, Mikko Härmä
12.00–13.00 Lunch
13.00–13.45 Circadian rhythms and sleep: introduction to the main pathways from shift work to disturbed health, Bjørn Bjorvatn, University of Bergen
13.45–14.30 Epidemiological methods in shift work research: strengths and caveats, Henrik Kolstad, Aarhus University and Johnni Hansen, Danish Cancer Society
14.30–15.00 Coffee break
15.00–16.00 Shift work, cancer and neurologic diseases, Johnni Hansen
16.00–17.00 Shift work and cardiovascular health, Henrik Kolstad
19.00– Dinner at the hotel

Tuesday, 17.05.2022
9.00–9.45 Shift work, sleep and cognitive performance, Philip Tucker, Stockholm University
9.45–10.30 Shift work, accidental injuries and sickness absence, Anne Helene Garde, National Research Centre for the Working Environment and Mikko Härmä
10.30–11.00 Coffee break
11.00–11.45 Assessment and treatment of shift work disorder, Bjørn Bjorvatn
11.45–12.30 Fatigue management, Mikael Sallinen, FIOH
12.30–13.30 Lunch
13.30–14.15 Occupational health care and health examinations, Mikko Härmä
14.15–15.00 Discussion on participants own work/PhD projects, Participants/all
15.00–15.30 Coffee break
16.00– Social program and dinner

Wednesday, 18.05.2022
9.00–9.45 Long and short working hours and their association with health, Anne Helene Garde and Göran Kecklund, Stockholm University
9.45–10.30 The association of worktime control with mental and physical health, Anne Helene Garde and Göran Kecklund
10.30–11.00 Coffee break
11.00–11.45 Flexible working hours and well-being, Philip Tucker
11.45–12.30 Individual differences in shift work, Philip Tucker
12.30–13.30 Lunch
13.30–14.15 Discussion on participants own work/PhD projects, Participants/all
14.15–14.45 Closing of the course
14.45–15.00 Coffee and farewell

NIVA - The Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health
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